Let's create history together!

24 December 2021

We have a slogan!

#triathlonorgkz new slogan - "Let's create history together!"

At the beginning of this month, we announced a competition for the best KTF slogan. The competition committee voted for the best option. The author of the new slogan #triathlonorgkz is Rysbek Zheksembay, who at a recent official ceremony was awarded a special triathlete's license for free participation in all TEMIRADAM events in 2022.

The competition committee also approved the slogan of the TEMIRADAM Cup - “A good reason to spend time”.

We thank all the participants of the competition for their activity! @ rys_tri_1 with a victory!

Separate congratulations to all fans of our triathlon! We hope that the new slogans reflecting the mission and values ​​of KTF will expand the circle of loyal supporters of our favorite sport!

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