The history of sport in Kazakhstan

Due to the advent of the new kind of sport – triathlon, in 1992 athletes began to consider of the possibility to changing of the discipline and star to participate in triathlon. Dmitry Gaag did the same, he retrained and began to discover new horizons and conquer high goals, becoming a real icebreaker and pioneer from Kazakhstan such a difficult path. Nobody couldn’t predict that he would become the leading athlete and pride of the Republic.


In the Olympic program, triathlon first time appeared in 2000, in Sydney, where the triathlon originates.   Where Dmitry Gaag stopped in a step from the podium and took 4th place. Kazakhstan was presented not only by Gaag, but also Mikhail Kuznetsov representative of the Shymkent triathlon school was competing in Sydney.


Mikhail won the license at the Continental Championship, which took place in the country of the rising sun, where, together with Dmitry Gaag, they took the top two lines and take the right to represent Kazakhstan at the Olympic Games. In 2004, in Athens, the race did not work right away and the aggregate of minor problems did not allow us to show our previous result, only 25th place.


Pavel Artyushenko is: a two-time bronze medal winner of the World Cup in multiathlon (1995 and 1997); bronze medalist at the World Championships multiathlon (1996); a three-time silver Asian Cup medalist; winner of gold and silver medals at the Asian Triathlon Championship (1998 - 1999); multiple winner of the Championship of Kazakhstan in multiathlon and triathlon; holder of an honorary second place in the Russian Cup in triathlon in the individual as well as the team competition (2003). Then Pavel moved to triathlon and began to conquer new heights.


It is also necessary to note the triathlon school of the Akmola region and its invaluable contribution to the development of the national triathlon, which gave the most to the pupils representing our country.


Sport achievements of:


1996 1st place on Hamilton ITU Triathlon World Cup

1997 4nd place on Sydney ITU Triathlon World Cup

1998 1st place on Gyor ETA Triathlon European Cup

1999 1st place on Sokcho City ASTC Triathlon Asian Championship, Gyor ETU

2000 1st place on Rio de Janeiro ITU Triathlon World Cup

2001 2nd place on Palermo ITU Triathlon European Cup

2002 2nd place on Alanya ETU Triathlon European Cup


On the international arena, only during the 2005-2010competition seasons, Kazakhstan athletes, taking a part in competitions of the Asian and World Championships and Championships, won 65 medals (27 gold, 22 silver and 16 bronze medals).


In 2003,  Gaag (1st place), Sapunov (2nd place) became a winners at the European Cup Final in Turkey. In the same year, the Gaag became the champion of the World Cup in Japan, the silver medalist of the World Cup in China Smurov (2nd place). TheGaag became a winner of the Asian Cup in Borovoye, Sapunov took 3rd place. The Gaag became a winner of the World Cup in Portugal again (3rd place).

In 2004 - Smurnov became the champion in the European Cup Final (Turkey). At the Asian Cup in Borovoye Gaag took 1st place, Sapunov- 2nd place, Smurov - 3rd place. At the World Cup in Korea Gaag became a winner, and at the World Championship in Portugal took the 3rd place. Participants and winners of the Asian Championship in the Philippines: 1st place -Gaag, 2nd place - Sapunov.


In 2005 – Gaag – silver medalist at the Final of Europe in Alaniya, champion in World Cup in Hungary, Sapunov – silver medalist in World Championship in Japan.


In 2006 – participated in rating competitions at the Olympic Games, World Championship stage in Lausanne, the World Cup stage in Switzerland, the World Cup in Hungary, the Asian Championship in China, the Asian Cup in Singapore.


In 2007 - participated in the World Cup in Cancun, in the Final of the European Cup in Turkey, in the Asian Cup in Hong Kong, in the World Championship in Germany, in the Asian Championship in Korea.


In 2008 – Gaag and Sapunov a participants of the Olympic Games took 1st and 2nd places in the Asian Cup in China. Sapunov became the bronze medalist of international competitions in China, in the World Championship in Vancouver, in the European Cup Final. Also, Sapunov was a participant of the World Cup in Hungary and the USA, in the Asian Cup, in the European Cup.


In 2009 - 3 team place in the Asian Cup (Bangkok), at the World Championship (Japan), at the Asian Championship (South Korea). Participated in the European Cup Final in Kokshetau, Kokshetau, Kazakhstan.


In 2010 Smurov took 1st place on 2010 Kokshetau ITU Triathlon Asian Cup


In 2015 for the first time in Almaty was held Almaty Triathlon - this is the first amateur triathlon championship in the history of Kazakhstani amateur sports, where both professionals and amateurs participated. Most of the amateurs first timesat down to sports bikes, some of them never had participated in swimming competitions, all this was done to promote and develop triathlon in Kazakhstan as a tool for improving and reviving the culture of mass sports. About 150 people from different parts of our country, guests of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and foreign sports fans took a part in the competition. In 2015, under the auspices of the Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation was held 9 sporting events, confirming the status of the youngest dynamically developing public organization.


In 2016 was held 12 events

In 2017 was held 13 events, one of them international


In 2018 planning 14 events and from them main are ITU World Cup, Asian Cup and Ironman 70.3

Calendar of Events