The first mass triathlon event after the pandemic were held in Shymkent

10 April 2021

Today in Shymkent, a two-day triathlon event  - the Shymkent Open Triathlon Championship ended. This is the first mass event held by the Shymkent Triathlon Federation since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the championship, 104 athletes of U15, U17, and U19 categories from 11 regions of the country competed in the super-sprint distance (300 m swim, 8 km bike, 2 km run). The distance was also tested by 14 Age Group athletes of Shymkent.

On the first day of the competition, the participants performed a swimming program in the pool. On the second day, they overcame the bike and running stages. The Shymkent weather did not disappoint the participants - thermometers kept the mark above 20 ° C.

The championship participants showed the following results:

 U-15, Female:

1. Diana Erzhanova (Nur-Sultan) - 30 min. 36 sec .;

2. Veronica Ivanyuk (Shymkent) - 30 min. 36 sec .;

3. Angelina Redchenko (Akmola region) - 31 min. 06 sec.

U-15, Men:

1. Nikita Dubinskaya (Akmola region) - 26 min. 27 sec .;

2. Stanislav Glock (Akmola region) - 27 min. 16 sec .;

3. Timur Bakirov (Akmola region) - 28 min. 07 sec.

 U-17, Female:

1. Anastasia Zakharova (Akmola region) - 30 min. 56 sec .;

2. Hafiza Gulturaeva (Shymkent) - 31 min. 34 sec .;

3. Sana Omirbek (Almaty) - 32 min. 38 sec.

U-17, Men:

1. Maxim Shmulich (Akmola region) - 25 min. 35 sec .;

2. Medhat Dairov (Akmola region) - 25 min. 45 sec .;

3. Arlan Zhanabay (Akmola region) - 25 min. 51 sec.

U-19, Female:

1. Nadezhda Bekmaganbetova (Nur-Sultan) - 27 min. 49 sec .;

2. Aruzhan Amanzholova (Turkistan region) - 34 min. 25 sec.

U-19, Men:

1. Alexander Ten (Almaty) - 23 min. 21 sec .;

2. Egor Krupyakov (Almaty) - 23 min. 52 sec .;

3. Eldar Shekerbek (Almaty) - 24 min. 18 sec.

Age Group category, Female:

1. Aktolkyn Bukharbayeva (Shymkent) - 36 min. 35 sec.

Age Group category, Men:

2. Artur Shynazbekov (Shymkent) - 29 min. 38 sec .;

3. Saken Mamyrbekov (Shymkent) - 30 min. 48 sec .;

4. Daulet Yegemberdiev (Shymkent) - 31 min. 29 sec.

The next race, where it will be possible to watch the performance of the "unders", will be Ust-Kamenogorsk. On May 30, it will host the National Triathlon Championship.

“Unambiguously, sanitary requirements made certain inconveniences in terms of organizing the event, but I think we coped with the task. I hope that athletes from 11 regions and the republican federation will give an objective assessment. Compliance with sanitary standards also influenced the entertainment side, as the athletes started with a gaps. It is sad, of course, that there were no spectators and fans.

For the near future, we have planned simple but difficult in realization goals: the development and promotion of triathlon, organization of annual events, club system development, work with coaches and support for athletes ”, - commented the results of the championship, President of Shymkent Triathlon Federation Baurzhan Kankin.

It is worth noting separately the work of the Shymkent Triathlon Federation team, which independently organized and conducted such a large-scale event. It was faced with difficult tasks, such as compliance with sanitary standards due to the current situation related to COVID-19, and ensuring the safety of all participants who resume competitive activity for the first time since the pandemic. However, the high requirements did not affect the quality of the course and the organization of the event in any way. The federation did an excellent job with this exam, which may well become an example for other regions.

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