Аthlete was disqualified for unsportsmanlike behavior

12 June 2021

Today on the air our followers witnessed the gloomy behavior of one of the participants in the M-U19 category race. Subsequently, by the TO decision, the athlete was disqualified for unsportsmanlike behavior in relation to another athlete at the finish line.

Fortunately, triathlon is a friendly sport and there are fewer cases of aggression in it, unlike, for example, football. But in conditions of an increased heart rate and physical exhaustion at a distance, there are no barriers to an accidental and uncontrolled outburst of emotions. The history of triathlon remembers many cases when professional triathletes could not stand the heat and showed very indecent behavior.

Unsportsmanlike conduct also includes non-compliance with local laws and any display of political, religious, or racial propaganda. The penalty applies both to the aggression of the participants towards each other and towards the judges, volunteers, and members of the organizing committee.

All #triathlonorgkz competitions are held in accordance with the Triathlon Sport Rules, which can be found at www.triathlon.org.kz.

#triathlonorgkz has always performed and will continue to compete for a clean and fair triathlon!

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