Sergey Mayer: A significant season awaits us

10 March 2022

KTF race director about the federation plans for 2022

The previous two years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, were not fully filled with sporting events. But the disease is slowly disappearing, and despite the current political situation, 2022 promises to be very full of big events. This applies to our triathlon: 7 triathlon races and 3 challenges in seven regions for Age Grouppers, 17 races within the national championship and the professional triathlon cup. The main event of the year will be the first continental championship in the capital. KFT sports director Sergey Mayer tells how the Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation is preparing for the season.

Good day, Sergey! How did the post-pandemic season and the  Tokyo Games results affect the balance of power in the world triathlon? Who do you think are your favorites today?

- By and large, the pandemic has affected everyone and the consequences will still be felt in the global sports community. No noticeable redistribution of forces is observed. The same teams remained the world favorites: the USA and such European countries as Spain, Germany. Recently, the Norwegian team has actively joined them.

How did the Kazakhstan Triathlon Federation survive one of the most difficult post-pandemic years for the entire world community in 2021?

- Looking back, I can say that the KTF survived the post-pandemic season productively. During the entire off-season, we did not let go of the idea that we would nevertheless resume the competitive grid. Although it was not without certain restrictions, but we caught every opportunity to do work. Each time we monitored the situation and did not stop work on preparing for the competition, we strengthened interactions with regional federations. We talked to all regional coaches, who always have their own vision of triathlon development. All this was taken into account when drawing up strategic plans.

What are the KTF goals in the new season?

- From the very beginning, the KTF set itself several goals of paramount importance. The first is the popularization of sports both offline and online: maintaining an official website, accounts on social networks, i.e., the formation of reliable sources of information about triathlon. The second is the development of professional sports. This is the formation of the national team and coaching staff, financing of all aspects of their activities, including training, nutrition, equipment, competitions, rehabilitation, and so on. And, finally, the third direction is holding triathlon events in the country, which is at a high level today. It is extremely important to continue to maintain and develop the current level, to create a healthy competitive environment for athletes. In the future, this will give them the opportunity to perform at the proper level in international events. One of the main goals of the 2022 season is to hold 2022 Asia Triathlon Junior and U23 Championships Nur-Sultan, scheduled for July 23, at the proper level. And they also intend to give a spark to the triathlon development in new regions where republican events have not been held. This time, our attention was drawn to the Almaty region.

Tell us more about what to expect from the upcoming home Asian Championship?

- We expect to organize a quality start for participants of all categories, including athletes, coaches, fans and other officials. Well, and most importantly, we are waiting for medals of the highest standard from the national team, because our athletes have every chance and opportunity to stand on the podium.

What kind of work will be carried out with the regions?

- The achievement of our main goals is also cultivated at the regional level. The work of regional federations is aimed at increasing the triathlon popularity within the region, holding local events, forming a regional team, which “feeds” the national team.

What new things have you prepared for amateur athletes?

- We are in for a truly significant season. For the first time we will hold events in Taldykorgan and Alakol. In addition, KTF will take the first step in organizing a paratriathlon event. A national championship among visually impaired athletes was planned in Taldykorgan. I believe that this is a valuable step towards the development of Kazakhstan's parasport.

In addition to our classic distance races and the grand final in Aktau, we offer Age Grouppers to try new distances: the "pyramid" in Taldykorgan and the "2 + 1 relay" in Nur-Sultan. Races in this format will be held in the country for the first time. The participants of the "pyramid" will have to continuously overcome five stages: 2 km run, 8 km bike, 300 m swim and again 8 km bike and 2 km run. The 2+1 relay race is similar to the professional mixed relay, only the number of participants will be reduced. So, amateurs will be able to test themselves in a professional-level team race.

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