"TEMIRADAM" Cup Final in Aktau

27 September 2018

Last weekend, on the shores of the Caspian Sea, the final start of the 2018 season was held - the «TEMIRADAM» Cup final at the “half-iron” distance among Age Group athletes. 55 athletes and 2 teams competed for the final winner title.

Light Caspian breeze, pleasant warm weather allowed athletes to make maximum efforts to overcome the distance. Despite the fact that this TEMIRADAM Cup final was the first republican-scale triathlon competition in Aktau, it was exciting and spectacular, the struggle for leadership did not stop until the last meters of the finish line.

The attention of all fans was riveted by the ensuing struggle among men, who staged a real continuous race for the leadership throughout the distance of 113 kilometers.

Vladimir Tolikin (Almaty) was the first to complete the swim-course and began the bike-course, he sailed 1500 m in 21 minutes and 06 seconds and brought with him to the first transit zone more than 5 minutes in reserve. One of the leaders of the TEMIRADAM Cup, Murat Aubakirov, finished second the water stage and showed 26 minutes and 51 seconds. The third swim-course was overcome by Nariman Turlybekov (Astana). And so, the leaders began the bike-course.

Vladimir Tolikin was not inferior to the absolute championship and on the bike-course, he overcame 90 km of track in 2 hours 23 minutes and 51 seconds. Later, with a lag of more than 3 minutes, Alexey Sidorenko (Almaty) appeared in the second transit zone, who spent 02 hours 26 minutes and 41 seconds on the bike segment. It is worth noting that Alexey Sidorenko laid out titanic efforts at the bike-course. After all, an athlete from the southern capital in the first transit zone came only the seventh after the swimming program, behind the Tolikin V. by as much as 08 minutes and 12 seconds. And the third cycling segment was completed by another athlete from Almaty - Aidar Malikov, his time is 02 hours 29 minutes and 07 seconds.

The running stage of the final has begun. It was on the running program that a stubborn struggle ensued, in which Alexey Sidorenko won a victory and became the undisputed winner in the absolute individual standings among men. It took 04 hours 25 minutes and 09 seconds for Alexey Sidorenko to overcome, as he himself admitted, the eleventh “half-iron” distance for him.

“I am overwhelmed by feelings of pride in my homeland and for the fact that here, on the shores of the Caspian Sea, such large-scale triathlon competitions can be held. Now I will wait and prepare for the “full iron” distance here in Aktau, ”shared Alexey Sidorenko.

The second result in the absolute individual standings among men showed Aidar Malikov - 04 hours 13 minutes and 48 seconds. Three of the best athletes in the "absolute" closed Maxim Mzhelsky with the result of 04 hours 42 minutes and 12 seconds. And Murat Aubakirov and Vladimir Tolikin were the first in their age categories and took the 7th and 12th positions in the abcolute standings.

Only four women took part in the TEMIRADAM Cup final: Elfira Dudnik (Almaty), Assel Sadvokasova (Astana), Aynur Kumarova (Astana) and Tatyana Prilukova (Karaganda region) and each of them performed in different age categories. Assel Sadvokasova was in the lead during the swimming and cycling courses, but lost the leadership to Elfira Dudnik during the running program. So, an athlete from the southern capital with a result of 05 hours 36 minutes and 14 seconds won a victory in the absolute individual standings among women. The second to the finish came Assel Sadvokasova, and the third was Ainur Kumarova.

The winner among the relay teams was the team from Almaty - Lion team with a result of 04 hours 41 minutes 40 seconds.

Thus, one of the brightest starts of the 2018 season was held - the TEMIRADAM Cup final in Aktau. Further, the Cup winners will be determined by the total points for the past season. The results of the athletes are already available on our website.