Alexander Ten crowned the European Cup in Poland

5 June 2022

On June 4, in the Polish city of Rzeszow, the Junior Triathlon European Cup was held. 45 juniors from 10 countries took part in the event. Kazakhstan was represented in the Junior Men category by Alexander Ten, Egor Krupyakov and Danil Porodnov. Alexander Ten became the winner of the day, snatching victory from the Europeans just at the finish.

The race started with a 750m swim in Zhvyrovnya Lake. The top three swimmers included Hungarian athletes Marton Kropko (00:08:58) and Gyula Gergo Soos (00:09:15), as well as Austrian Simon Freisinger (00:09:30). Egor Krupyakov swam out in sixth position (00:09:46), Danil Porodnov in seventeenth (00:10:05), and Alexander Ten in penultimate (00:10:19).

More surprises are reserved for the 20km cycling stage, which runs through narrow streets with multiple sharp turns. The main task of our athletics was to catch up with the leading group. The downpour, which began in the morning, added more challenges and built the bike course into a real skating rink. The was asphalt so slippery that it was possible to skate. There were nuch falls. After the first lap, D. Porodnov fell into a blockage, but found the strength to continue the race in another group. E. Krupyakov fell in the second round, but in spite of everything he returned, helping A. Ten to catch up with the leaders. Our athletes arrived in the second transit zone with a delay of 20 seconds.

By the middle of a 5-kilometer run A. Ten closed the gap to 8 seconds. On the final second lap, he caught up with the leaders, and at the finish line left the Poles Kamil Kulik (01:00:02) and Kuba Gaida (01:00:07) in the prize-winners. The final time of the Kazakhstani is 00:59:51. E. Krupyakov closed the race at the fourteenth place (01:02:05), D. Porodnov - at the sixteenth (01:02:26).

In girls, the podium was detained by representatives of Poland: Jozefina Mlynarska (01:06:06), Veronika Ptaszynska (01:06:44) and Matilda Wojakiewicz (01:07:10).

The final protocol of the race is available on the official World Triathlon website.  

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